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So, you’ve decided to go forward with a lawsuit for the injuries you suffered due to medical malpractice in Ohio. Now what do you need to do? Collecting documents about your injuries caused by surgical errors is vital. When you meet with your legal team, you’ll need to discuss the lawsuit along with the information you have about your injuries and condition following the use of a defective product or because of medical negligence.

There are several kinds of records you’ll need to have on hand. First, you need your medical records to prove that you weren’t injured or suffering prior to the incident in question. If you were already injured or ill beforehand, it may be harder to prove the impact the situation had on you, reducing the amount of money you’ll be able to collect. You also need these records to prove mistreatment or negligence and to identify who took care of you during a hospital visit or medical procedure. These are facts that are necessary in medical malpractice cases.

Next, you need to provide mental health records if you’ve at sought treatment. Whether or not this impacts your case is of no matter; your attorney will need to go over the information with you. These records could help your case, even if they aren’t related to it directly.

After that, you’ll need to collect medical bills, invoices, evidence of your lost wages and any documents received from the person you want to file a claim against. With this information, it’s easier to see how much compensation you should be provided along with the correspondence you’ve already had with the defendant.