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Getting hurt in the hospital is something that may seem counterintuitive; you’re there to get help, not to be made worse. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes are made that doctors and anesthesiologists should know better than to commit. In certain cases, you could speak with your attorney and file an official claim for compensation due to your injuries.

That’s what this man has done; a mechanic has been awarded over $9 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit against a hospital that left him so dehydrated that he suffered serious spinal cord damage. His story, published on Oct. 17, reports that he went to the hospital for flu-like symptoms. When he was there, the doctors and nurses started him on fluids for dehydration, which should have been the primary concern.

While he was in the hospital, doctors found an injury, and they reportedly told the man that they recommended surgery. Unfortunately, the man was already very dehydrated, and his fluids were stopped when the anesthesia was started before surgery. At that point, the man suffered a drop in his blood pressure and also suffered due to his spinal cord receiving an inadequate amount of blood and oxygen.

Now, the man has a spinal cord injury that has left him with some state of paralysis. The courts agreed with him and his attorney, and he was awarded $9.1 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit. The anesthesiology practice still claims that the stop of fluids was not the cause of the man’s injuries, despite knowing that he had been previously dehydrated before the surgery began.