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For most people in Ohio, a minor injury is just that — minor. With a little treatment and some time to heal, those injured may be back on their feet quickly. Take for example, the case of a man in another state who fell on some steps and broke his ankle. While very painful, many people successfully heal with time after such an accident. Unfortunately, this man’s case ended very differently.

It may be hard to believe, but this man’s broken ankle led to the amputation of his whole leg. After falling, the man received treatment from a doctor, but started to feel pain on his foot by his little toe. This was apparently “evidence of an unusual nerve disorder,” according to the man’s lawyer.

He turned to another doctor who performed surgeries on the man’s little toe, eventually amputating it. From there, another toe was amputated and eventually the part of the leg below the knee. Finally the rest of the leg was amputated due to an infection. In total, the doctor performed 12 surgeries on the man.

Fortunately, after filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, he was awarded $9.1 million. Of that, $4 million was for future pain and suffering, $2 million was for past pain and suffering, and $2.8 million was for future and past lost wages and medical expenses. On top of that, the man’s ex-wife received $350,000 for loss of services.

While the award has likely come as a huge relief for the man, he is now left disabled, divorced and according to his lawyer, devastated.