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Since West Virginia is bordering Ohio, you may be interested in this medical malpractice case that has been launched against St. Mary’s Medical Center. It’s good to know which hospitals around your area have cases against them, so you can make the decision of where you want to seek care with adequate knowledge of the medical services. According to this Feb. 5 report, a woman has claimed that her medical provider didn’t provide adequate care for her or her child, and that it resulted in her baby’s death.

According to the story, the medical malpractice lawsuit claims that the patient was located at St. Mary’s Medical Center for prenatal care during the incident. She was also there for the delivery of her child. Normally, the birth of a child is a happy event, but in this case, the woman has filed medical professional liability, and wrongful death charges while claiming the doctors were negligent during her child’s birth.

Through numerous acts that she considers negligent, the doctors allegedly failed to treat her child for two damaging, and fatal, injuries. First, she reported that the medical staff had left her child untreated for Group B Streptococcus, and second, she claims her son was never treated for ruptured membranes. In the end, she believes that the negligence of the medical staff directly resulted in her son’s death.

This case has been filed with the Cabell Circuit Court against the medical center. The woman is seeking an undisclosed amount of damages. In these cases, people have the right to seek an opinion on if the staff was negligent, and doing so may help others in the future as well. The victim may want to seek compensation or other types of restitution.