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Here’s a story of a man who went to rehab for a drug addiction only to later be found lifeless. A Nov. 25 report states that the man from Ohio had been addicted to heroin; he was attending a local treatment facility just a month before he was found on the floor with a spoon, needle and all evidence leading to a heroin overdose being the cause of death.

The young man had gone to Talbert House’s CCC in Warren County, the news reports, after his parents and the Clermont County judge determined the program was the best place for him. The judge ordered him to six months in CCC, hoping it would turn around his addiction. The facility was meant to work with him to develop different methods of coping, allowing the man to get out with a better outlook and future.

As the sergeant reviewed the man’s phone to look for the dealer who sold him the fatal dose of heroin, the family and police got a surprise. There, they found that more than just rehab was taking place at CCC; suggestive text messages had been received from counselors and some reported that some workers were having sex with inmates at the facility.

Two counselors even admitted to selling chewing tobacco to the men and using the now-deceased man to sell it to other inmates. On top of that, the young man had once told his mother that he was given Xanax to sleep; unfortunately, that drug is not part of the rehabilitation program.

This man’s family is now considering medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuits. If this kind of situation has happened to you, it’s something you could consider as well.