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In Ohio, medical malpractice is taken seriously; doctors can lose their licenses, and hospitals can be made to pay large fines for poor care. In this case in nearby Clark County, Illinois, a guardian of a woman who suffered from brain damage has been awarded compensation for the injuries. If this case is like yours, you may want to consider taking the same kind of legal action the guardian in this story did.

According to the report from Jan. 23, the 31-year-old woman was treated in 2010 by a doctor at Springfield Regional Medical Center. During her treatment, the lawsuit claims that the medical officials didn’t properly monitor her blood sugar. During treatment, her blood sugar dropped dangerously low, leaving her brain without the sugar it needed. Because the medical team didn’t check her blood sugar levels, she suffered permanent brain and physical injuries.

The jury determined that the doctor and Springfield Endocrinology & Internal Medicine were at fault for her injuries. While the outcome was that the woman’s guardian was awarded millions, this won’t reverse the fact that she suffered permanent brain damage. According to her attorney, she won’t ever work or live independently again. She’ll likely require 24-hour-a-day care from now until the foreseeable future.

Simple mistakes, like not keeping track of a patient’s blood sugar levels or failing to properly monitor diabetes, can lead to major injuries for a patient who suffers from these disorders. If you’ve suffered injuries due to negligence in a hospital setting, you may want to speak with someone about how you can get the compensation you need to seek additional medical care and treatment.