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Cleveland readers know that medical mistakes can cost lives. So, this recent look into surgical errors and medical mistakes should help enlighten you to the real situations happening at some hospitals. In a report from Nov. 7, one woman spoke about how her husband had a number of surgeries, and how the doctor sometimes looked like he had no regard for his patient.

According to the documents, the woman was shocked when the doctor and his staff came into the room and started pulling a very long tape out of his stomach. She asked them to document the incident and sent an email to the head nurse that allegedly stated the packing was left in from the surgery. According to the spokesperson for the hospital, when a patient has this kind of concern, an investigation has to take place and then, the patient receives the feedback. However, the woman said this never happened in her case and that means she can’t be sure the investigation took place.

The woman claims that her husband can no longer do some of the things he enjoys because of injuries he had from his surgeries, but what was more shocking is that she later discovered that the surgeon actually had problems with alcohol. According to the Virginia Medical Board, the man reported to surgery with a smell of alcohol about his person in 2004; they also claimed his blood alcohol content was .04, which is enough to cause impairment.

Surgical errors can be avoided, and if you find out that your doctor is negligent or shouldn’t even be licensed, you may be frustrated and angered by the situation. If you’ve been a victim of neglect or abuse, surgical errors or malpractice, you might want to seek compensation to help you cover the costs of additional medical care and other damages.