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Medical malpractice, negligence and errors are all a patient’s worst nightmare. A single mistake with a scalpel or misreading charts can lead to ongoing pain and suffering or even death. Doctors, nurses and medical teams are held to high standards because of the risks involved, so if you’ve been hurt during a medical procedure, it’s important for you to speak up.

You may have gone into surgery expecting to have a bone repaired and woken up with the other leg amputated due to a miscommunication. Maybe you were meant to have a CAT scan and instead ended up in surgery because you were confused with another patient. Whatever happened, it’s the responsibility of the medical team and hospital to make sure your care and needs are taken care of as the damage to your body is repaired. If you’re disabled or permanently injured, then the at-fault party needs to be prepared to compensate you accordingly.

Medical negligence is a fact. You can see it when a nurse ignores “false” labor and a mother is left without a needed cesarean-section. You can see it when anesthesia isn’t monitored properly and a patient goes into cardiac arrest. There are hundreds of scenarios that should be safe but that turn dangerous and deadly if enough care and attention isn’t applied.

Whether you’ve been left with painful scarring, infections, brain damage or your child has suffered birth injuries, you have a right to speak up and seek compensation. Our website has more information on medical malpractice and negligence, so you can learn about the situations and how cases are resolved.