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For the people in Akron who think medical malpractice, while tragic, will end a doctor’s career, it may be surprising to learn just how many doctors who have been stripped of their hospital privileges still retain their medical licenses. To take away a doctor’s ability to practice medicine is a serious consequence and one that should be applied for serious cases of negligence and malpractice, but even a streak of fatal medication errors has not cost one doctor his license.

Although this story of a doctor who still has his medical license, even after a series of serious and fatal medication errors, is not from Ohio, the story itself is not that unique. In fact, there are reports that show that thousands of doctors all over the country who have lost their hospital privileges and have been banned from medical facilities still keep their medical licenses.

Many of these doctors even escape without restrictions or suspension on their licenses. Even if they have paid considerable fees in medical malpractice settlements, their state boards still cannot or will not take their licenses.

And it is not just doctors who have had relatively minor slip-ups who are getting to keep their licenses. Research shows that almost 250 doctors across the country who were determined to be an “immediate threat to health and safety,” can continue practicing medicine and interacting with patients.

Though the doctor whose medication errors killed two women never lost his license, he at least was banned from ever dealing with patients again. Unfortunately, not every doctor is so restricted.