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The expectation in Toledo is that if a doctor has given a diagnosis, that diagnosis is accurate and the prescribed treatment will be effective. It is not unreasonable to have that expectation, especially because doctors must go through so much schooling, training and practice before they see patients. Moreover, since most people visiting the doctor don’t have backgrounds in medicine, they wouldn’t know if a doctor was making an error. Unfortunately, doctors do make mistakes and, for pregnant women, this can cause lifelong medical conditions for their children.

Sadly, birth injuries are more common than what many of us would hope for, and a medical error that can lead to very serious birth injuries was recently covered in the New England Journal of Medicine.

When methotrexate is given to women with ectopic pregnancies, the drug will end the potentially life-threatening pregnancy and the pregnancy will be absorbed back into the body. If the pregnancy is normal, however, and properly located inside the woman’s uterus, the drug can cause a series of birth injuries. In some cases, it can also cause a miscarriage.

It can be incredibly difficult for parents living with children with birth injuries. Their children may need care for the rest of their lives, which means parents will need to come up with a plan for who will care for their children after the parents have died. Moreover, constant medical care and treatments will certainly cost a lot, which is why many parents turn to medical malpractice lawsuits. These lawsuits provide vital resources for parents who would otherwise be left under a heavy financial burden.