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A couple from the Midwest has received an award for $25.3 million after a jury decided that a woman lost her four limbs due to medical malpractice. The 53-year-old woman, who is a mother of four, needed to have all her limbs amputated after she suffered from a Strep infection. The infection was left undetected by doctors and led to her suffering from septic shock. The infection was so severe that she required multiple amputations. Fifteen million dollars of the woman’s award relates to pain and suffering. Another $1.5 million relates to her husband’s loss of consortium. However, according to the law in Wisconsin — where the case was litigated — awards relating to pain and suffering and other kinds of non-financial damages must be limited to $750,000. It is therefore expected that the defendant will ask the judge to lower any non-financial damages to this amount.

Nevertheless, the injured couple’s attorney is hopeful that the case will be an excellent candidate for challenging the current pay cap related to medical malpractice claims in the state. The attorney feels that the case could make its way all the way up to the state’s Supreme Court. Some commentators on the case say that if the woman’s injuries had occurred after a recent informed consent bill was passed in the state, then she would have had a much more difficult – if not impossible — time winning her suit. When medical malpractice occurs and an Ohio resident suffers a serious injury because of it, that person may have the ability to pursue claims for relief under the law. Those who suffer a medical injury due to a doctor error or negligence may have to endure a lifetime of suffering because of it. While no amount of money could ever right such a wrong, compensation in successfully navigated medical malpractice claims may include financial restitution for pain and suffering, money for doctor’s bills and other damages relating to the incident.