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Glenda Christian was 30 years old when she noticed a pea sized lump in her left breast. Concerned about the lump, she had a mammogram but the test revealed nothing. Shortly after, she became pregnant and following the birth of a son, nursed him for 13 months. She then came to find that the pea sized lump had grown to the size of a small pickle. This prompted Glenda to have an ultrasound and a second mammogram but again nothing was revealed.

A Year Later

After two mammograms and an ultrasound, Glenda was still without a diagnosis. The lump she had felt grow from pea size to the size of a small pickle had now morphed into cottage cheese-like lumps that covered half of her left breast. She was also experiencing intense pain stretching from her arm pit to her breast.

The Diagnosis

It was not until the lump had changed shapes and started to cause Glenda great pain that she was diagnosed as having stage 3B estrogen-receptor-negative breast cancer. She underwent a mastectomy of her left breast and had chemotherapy. Glenda had now lived for over three years with undiagnosed breast cancer and was lucky to be alive.

Dangers of Misdiagnosis

As Glenda’s case demonstrates, a cancer misdiagnosis can lead to serious problems, even death. Glenda was lucky because she defied the odds and survived. Others are not always as lucky and their cancer is found too late for it to be treated. Likewise, there are people that are treated for cancer that do not actually have cancer. Some misdiagnosed women have undergone mastectomies and hysterectomies leaving them unable to have children and having endured debilitating chemotherapy for nothing.

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