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Expecting mothers depend on hospital staff to ensure that their babies are born happy and healthy. Unfortunately, physicians, nurses and other staff make mistakes and those mistakes can cause serious birth injuries.

Three years ago, 37-year-old Sarah Hutchins gave birth to her son, Blake. Sarah was 37 weeks pregnant when she became concerned that her baby had stopped moving and that something was wrong. Upon examination, a doctor discovered that the baby was, indeed, in distress and recommended that labor be induced. Unfortunately, hospital staff did not act quickly enough and Blake’s brain was denied oxygen. Today, Blake suffers from severe developmental problems, including reduced cognitive capacity.

Perhaps most surprising is that Ms. Hutchinson only discovered that Blake had been denied oxygen before birth because she consulted with an independent physician. No one at the hospital ever told her what the examining doctor found before she gave birth. Of course, the hospital claims that Ms. Hutchinson was a high-risk mother because of her age and her previous smoking habit.

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