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Nerve injuries can be a result of negligent actions during birth

Nerve injuries can occur during birth, and while some are naturally-occurring, others could be a result of actions a doctor did or did not take. For example, if a doctor is using forceps to help with delivery, he or she should be cautious, as they can cause damage to the facial nerves. That can end up causing the baby to have weakness on one side of the face, which can take up to three months to resolve in most cases. Some severe cases may require additional treatment.

Another nerve injury that could occur is if the baby’s arm is stretched or if the nerve to the arm is injured. Damaging that arm’s nerve can result in a hand or arm that is weak or paralyzed. In many cases, the nerve can heal on its own thanks to the child’s young and still-developing body. However, there are situations where surgery could be necessary to reattach nerves that have become damaged.

If a baby is struggling to breathe after a difficult delivery, the issue could be damage to the nerves of the diaphragm. This typically resolves on its own within a few weeks, but if your child is struggling, there should be interventions to help your child take a deep breath without stress.

While each of these injuries can be caused by struggles during delivery, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be caused by a doctor’s negligence. A doctor who is too rough during the infant’s delivery or one who waits too long to help with delivery could be putting your child in harm’s way, which is something to discuss with your attorney. Our website has more information.