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There are many kinds of surgical errors that affect patients, by the most common may surprise you. Known as never events and WSPEs, wrong-site, wrong-procedure, wrong-patient errors are dangerous and potentially deadly to patients.

If you’ve been a patient who has suffered from a wrong-site surgery, you may wonder how that takes place. It’s possible that the original surgeons writing was misunderstood, that the markings made to indicate the surgical area were incorrect, or that the wrong body site was tallied on a chart or reference sheet. As a patient, it’s important that you pay attention to any errors or misinformation you receive, so you can correct the doctors who are helping you.

Wrong-patient surgeries may be a little harder to understand. How can someone confuse a patient, and how can a patient go along with that error? With as much as patients have to worry about, some may not realize that the procedure isn’t meant for them. For instance, wrong-patient surgeries may result because two patients with similar names were in rooms next to each other; the person collecting the patient for surgery may not have realized that the names were so similar and ignored a slight discrepancy.

Of course, any of these errors are medical errors that you can take to court in a malpractice claim. You shouldn’t have to go through a second surgery to operate on the correct site after recovering from a wrong-site surgery. You shouldn’t suffer from a surgery you didn’t need or because someone else got the surgery you did need. Your attorney can help you make a claim if you’ve been victimized by these kinds of mistakes.