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A recently published study by Dutch researchers indicates that population-based mammography programs lead to earlier cancer diagnoses and save lives. Indeed, despite arguments against mammography programs, researchers believe they are key to avoiding delayed breast cancer diagnoses and misdiagnoses.

Critics of breast cancer screening programs argue that they subject many patients to unnecessary testing, over treatment and worry, all for little effect: modern treatments for breast cancer are so effective that the chances of surviving it are as high as if the condition were detected early in a screening program. Dutch researchers discovered, however, that screening patients for breast cancer every two years reduced deaths significantly: when combined with adjuvant therapy – usually chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, radiation therapy, or drug therapy – screening programs reduced the incidence of death from breast cancer by 27.4 percent.

Thanks to modern treatment techniques, a diagnosis of breast cancer is no longer a death sentence. No matter the treatment, however, avoiding a delayed diagnosis is still key to ensuring a patient’s chances for a positive prognosis.

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