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A back surgery company in Texas is facing, and has faced, serious allegations due to a patient being further hurt by the AccuraScope process. Interestingly, the doctor behind this process comes from Ohio That doctor became the chief medical officer for the company, North American Spine, despite concerns about his medical background. According to the news, the man’s medical license had been suspended in Ohio in 2001.

He was arrested for the possession of cocaine, and after that, he went through AA meetings and rehab. It’s claimed that his sobriety was looked at before bringing him on board with the company. There were allegedly no more issues with drug problems, but there were others.

The Ohioan also faced at least 11 different medical malpractice lawsuits, which eventually grew to over 40. Five of those were pending at the time when he was hired. Three months after joining the company, one of the doctor’s patients was awarded $1.372 million. Another patient who suffered brain damage due to a pain medication tramadol overdose was awarded $5 million. The doctor had not yet signed with the company when these procedures were completed.

Now, a 75-year-old woman has complained that the doctor completed a surgery on her back in Texas. Unfortunately, the doctor wasn’t licensed to do so in the state. On top of that, the woman didn’t know about his background before the operation. Her surgery allegedly made it difficult for her to control her bladder or bowels. She also claimed she had partial paralysis and immense pain.

She reported that it took her two weeks before she could walk again. In her lawyer’s report, he indicates that the woman suffered a severe neurological injury during the procedure because her pain was now greatly increased, instead of reduced, by the operation. Despite her complaints, she received no help or treatment; one doctor at the facility only gave her a cursory exam.

As a patient, knowing your doctor is licensed is vital. If you’ve faced this kind of situation, you may be able to be compensated.