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Imagine being close to playing for the National Football League and going through surgery to repair an injured body part. You’ve been told it’s okay to play, but now you’ve found yourself unable to play without pain or the need for additional surgeries. If that sounds familiar, then you may be in a situation like this man and need to look into compensation through the legal system.

A former Ohio State football player has sued his surgeon for fraud and medical malpractice recently due to his Achilles tendon rupturing. The Oct. 15 report states that he has sued a number of doctors in Columbus because he believes they committed fraud and malpractice. He states that his original surgeon and consultant to the Ohio State Athletic Department had botched his tendon surgery, but at the time, the surgeon led him to believe that the surgery had gone well and was successful.

The player has said in his lawsuit that despite being told his tendon looked good and was recovering, it had actually been concealed that the Achilles wasn’t repaired, was actually compromised and in danger of rupturing. For giving him an alleged false diagnosis, the player states that the doctor was reckless. It’s believed that the injury could put the player’s future with the NFL at risk.

The lawsuit against the surgeon and several other doctors and radiology companies says that the defendants didn’t provide competent, safe or acceptable medical care or treatment, and because of that, the football player suffered from severe mental and physical injuries, pain and suffering and permanent damages. The lawsuit is seeking compensation in excess of $25,000 along with punitive damages.