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All cosmetic surgery carries the risk of surgical errors but most health care professionals view breast augmentation as a safe procedure. This is what the family of one young mother in Florida also believed when 18-year-old Linda Perez checked in for breast augmentation surgery in August of 2013. The reality turned out to be vastly different when she suffered complications following the operation and slipped into a coma. Two months later, Perez woke in a worsened condition with severe brain damage robbing her of the ability to care for herself and her child.

The physician associated with Perez’s case states her condition is not a result of surgical errors or improper use of medical equipment, but is rather due to possible existing problems Perez failed to disclose. The physician further claims that the complications Perez suffered following her surgery appear similar to problems she experienced following anesthesia administered during the birth of her child.

An attorney representing Perez’s family says allegations of Perez experiencing a previous reaction to anesthesia have no factual basis. He denies the doctor’s claim that Perez knowingly withheld pertinent health information and went on to state that the allegations are merely an attempt to avoid responsibility for the cosmetic center’s negligent medical treatment.

While the doctor who performed Perez’s procedure has no history of medical malpractice or surgical mistakes, the physician who administered anesthesia during the surgery does. In 2006, the anesthesiologist received a 30-month prison sentence as well as two years’ probation for illegally selling drugs on the Internet. This same doctor was also under fire for involvement in the death of a 35-year-old after buttock augmentation surgery.

Perez’s family has not filed a lawsuit against the cosmetic center, but allegedly told a local newspaper that they plan to. Patients in Ohio who suffer from medical malpractice or surgical mistakes can seek out a medical malpractice attorney who has a good track record in proving their cases. No one should have to suffer from surgical errors or medical mistakes without being properly compensated to cover possible ongoing expenses and damages to their health.