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The Lancione Law Firm Is Dedicated To The Pursuit Of Justice For Those With No Voice

The Lancione Law Firm has a legacy of three generations of attorneys with over 80 years of experience. The Lancione family has developed a national reputation for successfully representing the most injured people and obtaining countless multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. Our firm is committed to scrupulously investigating and litigating birth injury, medical malpractice, and personal injury claims throughout Ohio and the nation.

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We Have Been Dedicated To Our Clients For Over 80 Years

The Lancione Law Firm has remained true to its founding principles. We focus on protecting the rights of the injured due to the medical malpractice and negligence of others. We continue to provide honest, aggressive advocacy through research, preparation and dedicated work.

We ensure that each and every client receives expert advice while experiencing the personal attention they deserve. John Lancione meticulously examines each case, evaluating the strength of each claim and assessing the possible financial recovery for his clients and their future.

We Have The National Experience And Knowledge Needed To Take On Your Case

We understand that the secret to successful outcomes in medical malpractice, birth injury, and personal injury cases is to have an experienced attorney standing beside you, readily available to do the research, preparation, and fortitude it takes to win your case. We also rely on our medically-trained staff to efficiently obtain medical records, assist in evaluating the clinical experience and researching relevant medical facts. Our attorneys spend their time securing expert witnesses, preparing for the courtroom, conducting interviews with experts and handling the details of your case.

The Lancione Law Firm has won countless multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements on a broad range of cases involving birth injuries, medical malpractice, personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Our firm has developed a national reputation for excellence, fortitude, and credibility.  We also have an “AV” rating by an independent lawyer-rating publication, which is the highest rating possible. When The Lancione Law Firm takes a case; they have the highest degree of certainty that they will be successful.

We investigate hundreds of potential birth injury, medical malpractice, and personal injury cases each year. Rigorous standards for determining merit must be met prior to accepting a case on your behalf. You can trust that John Lancione and his team will take no shortcuts in evaluating your case. Our investigation process includes review and enlisting the top medical specialists in the country from our major medical universities and institutions in obstetrics, neonatology, oncology, and other medical specialties. Once we have evaluated the opinions from these highly regarded medical professionals our firm will determine the merits of your case. If it is decided to move forward with your case our firm will immediately begin actions on your behalf.

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Contact the birth injury, medical malpractice, personal injury, and wrongful death lawyers at The Lancione Law Firm for a free consultation. We can be reached by phone at 440-331-6100 or by completing our online email form.

The Lancione Law Firm proudly serves the entire state of Ohio, including the communities of Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Dayton, Canton, Youngstown, Cincinnati, Lorain, Parma, and Toledo but will work outside of the state if a client is in need.

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“I like practicing law because I like helping people. Our clients have suffered catastrophic injury as the result of the negligence of doctors and hospital personnel. And when you have been successful on that client’s case, you know that you have made a meaningful difference in their lives. There is no greater reward than knowing a life is breathing easier because of your involvement.”

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John A. Lancione


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