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When you think of overdosing, you probably have your own opinion of the type of person who does so. Maybe you think it only happens to those on illegal drugs or those who are addicted. That’s not the truth, though. Interestingly, overdoses can happen to anyone taking medications, especially when the medication is too strong or improperly filled for the patient.

When a prescription error is made in Ohio, a patient’s life could be put on the line. Errors like failing to administer enough of a pain or heart medication could cause a patient discomfort or side effects. Combining drugs that shouldn’t go together can result in a lethal combination. Giving the wrong drug completely could prevent treatment from taking place and cause other problems for the patient.

As someone who has suffered from a prescription error, it’s important to take the right steps toward recovery. You need to get well, and that may mean that you need ongoing medical care or surgery to correct something a medication has caused to happen to your body. You may need rehabilitation, or you could even need outpatient services to help you stop being dependent on a pain medication you were given too much of.

No matter what the circumstances, if a doctor has been neglectful and prescribed you the wrong medication, it’s important to speak up and be heard. By stepping forward, you can help prevent other patients from going through the same situation, and you may be able to get the compensation you need to pay for your care, pain and suffering. Visit our comprehensive website to learn more.