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Some products can still be dangerous despite not having design flaws or issues in their manufacturing. However, if there are sufficient instructions on how to use them, those products should be able to be used safely by consumers. The problem is that some manufacturers fail to provide safety warnings and instructions appropriately.

What kinds of things could go wrong if instructions or warnings are missing?

Take for example a new medication. If the medication doesn’t indicate that it can lead to birth injuries as a result of the interactions between the growing baby and drugs, then mothers who took it would not be suspecting that anything was wrong. Later, if a child was born with a disability or birth defect, the manufacturer may be held liable.

What does a manufacturer have to do before selling a product?

It’s a manufacturer’s duty to create warning labels about the product a person’s buying. The manufacturer also has to instruct the user on how to use the product to avoid danger. For example, if you have a lamp, it may be dangerous to use it continuously for several hours due to the heat it produces. The manufacturer should include this information with the packaging. If not, then it’s possible someone could use it for too long, leading to a fire or burns.

Where should I find warning labels and instructions?

Warnings and instructions should be clear and placed in a conspicuous area of the packaging or in its own pamphlet that can easily be found. If these items are missing, anyone who is hurt by the product would have a reason to file a lawsuit against the company due to its negligence alone.