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Columbus Surgical Errors Attorney

The Lancione Law Firm, is one of Ohio’s leading medical malpractice law firms. Our three generations of lawyers have extensive experience and proven success representing clients in cases regarding serious surgical errors.

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Franklin County Mistakes From Surgery Lawyers

Our Franklin County mistakes from surgery attorneys handle cases where the negligence of medical professionals led to:

  • Mistakes during eye surgery
  • Nerve damage during plastic surgery
  • Nicked bowel, bladder, bile duct or blood vessel during surgery
  • Errors during laparoscopic surgery, including gastric bypass surgery and hysterectomy
  • Errors during Cesarean section
  • Errors during radiosurgery (radiation surgery or stereotactic external beam irradiation) resulting in severe burns
  • Surgical implements — sponges, retractors, needles, hemostats, etc. — left in the patient
  • Wrong surgery performed due to poor communication
  • Fires on, or in, patients caused by the use of an electrocautery machine in an oxygen-saturated environment

At Lancione & Lancione, our Columbus surgical errors lawyers recognize that it is very important to remember that a negative outcome after a surgery does not necessarily mean that a surgical error constituting medical malpractice occurred. When a surgical error leading to serious harm of you or your loved one has occurred, however, we will fight on your behalf.

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After you have suffered serious injury or have lost a loved one due to surgical error, your medical malpractice case will benefit with the assistance of experienced, skilled medical malpractice lawyers.

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