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Premature Birth

Premature birth occurs in between eight and 10 percent of pregnancies in the United States depending on the age of the mother. While many of these cannot be prevented, doctors should take precautions to prevent an early birth. They should also take actions to prevent harm to the infant after a premature delivery at all costs.

When doctor, nurses and hospitals fail to act in accordance with the standard of care set in place, they may be committing medical malpractice. At the Rocky River law offices of The Lancione Law Firm, we hold them accountable for this malpractice by taking effective legal action in Ohio courts.

Premature Delivery

  • Medical professionals consider a birth to be premature if labor starts before 36 weeks of pregnancy, and a delivery before 26 weeks usually results in the death of the fetus. Premature babies who do survive may face a number of health challenges such as:Low birth weight
  • Respiratory and breathing problems/respiratory distress
  • Underdeveloped organs
  • Brain injury
  • Cerebral palsy and other neurological injuries
  • Higher risk for certain health problems later in life

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There are multiple things that can cause premature delivery, including misdiagnosed preeclampsia or other untreated conditions. Doctors should take the necessary precautions to treat the health problem and to stop labor. They may prescribe medications that help prevent labor and delivery. They may also prescribe bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. If this is unsuccessful, or if a doctor fails to take the proper actions, children born premature may require special medical assistance.

Many infants who are born prematurely must stay in the hospital, usually in the NICU, until their health is stable. This may take weeks or even months. Those born before 34 weeks may require the assistance of a ventilator because their lungs are not fully developed.

Not every premature birth is medical malpractice. However, the team at The Lancione Law Firm, we know that doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers are responsible for the vast majority of medical errors made in the United States. These errors often lead to life-changing injuries that can take the lives of infants and their mothers or at least lead to extensive hospital stays, multiple surgeries, physical therapy and medical treatments.

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