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Toledo Cerebral Palsy

When a cerebral palsy diagnosis has been made, it could possibly be the case that medical malpractice is to blame. Medical errors leading to cerebral palsy can occur during pregnancy, labor, and birth. They can also occur immediately following the birth when doctors and nurses fail to provide the proper medical care due to inaction, by failing to prevent an injury, or by making a mistake that causes harm to the mother and the child.

At The Lancione Law Firm, our attorneys have a special interest in birth injury cases involving cerebral palsy. We are champions of the cause when it comes to improving the safety and quality of health care in Ohio, and we will fight for victims of cerebral palsy caused by medical negligence or preventable medical error as well as their families.

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Cerebral palsy is a term used to reference a group of disorders typically related to an individual’s inability to control motor function. While there can be genetic factors that contribute to cerebral palsy, it is often caused by oxygen deprivation, head trauma or brain injury during the birthing process.

This can be caused by a failure to plan or perform a cesarean section in a timely manner; the failure to diagnose and treat any potential issues; or allowing the child to remain in the birth canal for too long, leading to oxygen deprivation. There are many reasons cerebral palsy is caused but one fact remains, most of them are preventable.

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