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If you are struggling with cancer in Ohio and know that it should have been diagnosed much sooner, you may feel that your doctors have let you down. Cancer misdiagnosis can be a serious problem; not getting the treatment you need soon enough could allow the cancer to spread or become terminal.

There are several common reasons for cancer misdiagnoses. First, if you head to the doctor complaining of pain or simply just for a normal appointment and don’t get a cancer screening, that could result in the early stages of a cancer being missed. Failing to perform tests like a mammogram, colonoscopy or others is neglectful, especially when a patient has a family history of cancer, is at risk due to age, has fair skin or is overweight.

Laboratory errors are another common reason cancer goes misdiagnosed. Errors like false positives can result in you having to take treatments like radiation, chemotherapy or having a mastectomy even though you don’t have cancer at all. Misread mammograms, CT scans or other results can also lead you to believe that you don’t have cancer when you do, letting the cancer have more time to spread.

Delaying the treatment of cancer can cause a treatable condition to become serious or even terminal. Many cancers can be stopped or have good prognoses if they are caught early. Cancers like lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer all have high success rates for recovery when caught early. Not catching them can be devastating, though.

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