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When you decide to carry a child to term, you know that it will eventually be time to deliver. Many mothers have easy deliveries without complications, but when a complication does arrive, it’s important that doctors and nurses are by your side to help. If a baby is trapped or taking too long to be born, a Cesarean section could be ordered to help prevent injury to the mother or child.

With a C-section, doctors make an incision and manually remove the child from the birth canal or womb, depending on where it is at the time of the surgery. Many C-sections are performed safely, but waiting too long to perform one can be dangerous.

A delayed C-section could lead to a baby being distressed or suffering asphyxia, leading to brain damage or death. A problem with the delivery could put the mother’s body into shock or distress, risking her life if steps aren’t taken to relieve the problem. Extreme bleeding must be stemmed through immediate operations to prevent low blood pressure or suffering following delivery, too.

The failure to perform a C-section can lead to a mother or child dying from delivery complications. If a child is in distress before being born, a C-section needs to be performed quickly to protect the mother and child. Waiting too long can result in the baby being stillborn or suffering from disabilities in the future. Our website has more information about C-sections and what to do if you’ve been injured or lost your child due to negligence and a delayed delivery.