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Medical malpractice may be higher in certain areas of medicine in Ohio due to the nature of the procedures. Unfortunately for people such as surgeons, mistakes in their form of medicine can be devastating for patients and themselves. Did you know, for instance, that most physicians can expect to have at least one medical malpractice lawsuit against them in a 30-year career, but orthopedic and neurosurgeons may face higher rates than other specialties.

For example, there are around 3.4 percent of neurosurgeons who are facing malpractice claims each year for claim payments; in total, around 18 percent face a claim of any kind. That means 18 out of every 100 neurosurgeons are facing malpractice claims.

As a patient, you may ask if these claims are fruitful or not, because if so, then there may be a problem with particular doctors or negligence in the field. Interestingly enough, around 4 percent of all claims resulted in a payment of some form. Average payouts for people who have suffered from injuries due to neurosurgery or orthopedic surgeries were varied, but neurosurgery payments averaged $325,000. For orthopedic surgeons, the average payout was $225,000.

Of the cases reported for the study, 70 percent claimed malpractice took place due to improperly performed surgeries. A failure to diagnose was the second-highest reason for a claim, and that was alleged around 28 percent of the time.

These instances may not add up to many on the whole, but every patient’s life matters. If you’ve suffered an injury during a neurosurgery or orthopedic surgery, your needs need to be accounted for. With the right assistance, you may be able to make a successful claim and get the compensation you need.