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Errors happen in the medical community. Some are things you shouldn’t have had to suffer from, like doctors prescribing the wrong treatment or failing to order a test, but other errors come down to problems with the technology being used. Is reliance on high tech causing doctors to lose their edge?

Take for instance one person who reported that she went to a doctor after discovering a lump. She was riding her bicycle often, so the most logical conclusion would be that scar tissue or other irritation had caused the bump to rise. It’s common for doctors to order biopsies of lumps, though, so she went through the invasive procedures only to be told she potentially had a rare cancer. As the visits to new doctors and surgeons went on, the diagnosis seemingly got worse and worse.

Before going through with surgery, she got a second opinion from a cancer center at the top of its field. There, a CT scan revealed it wasn’t cancer at all. After searching online, the patient discovered she had something called a cycler’s node, a common reaction to irritation from a bicycle seat.

The issue that leads to these kinds of diagnoses can be that doctors and surgeons don’t have a central processing center for all the information coming in about a patient. Some like to look for the rare cases, while it’s more likely that a patient is suffering from something common. If you’ve suffered because your physicians or surgeons jumped to conclusions, you may be able to show neglect or malpractice that you can claim for.