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As cell phones and computers have become ubiquitous, essential parts of our everyday lives, texting and email have become our preferred modes of communication. And while very few people take the time to write a letter or note by hand, there is one area where handwriting persists: prescriptions. Unfortunately, studies indicate that handwritten prescriptions contribute to medication errors, which in many cases cause serious injury.

One 2010 study compared the incidence of medication errors when doctors used handwritten prescriptions versus the incidence of errors when they used electronic prescriptions. The researchers discovered 37 errors for every 100 handwritten prescriptions, as compared to only 7 errors for every 100 electronic prescriptions. Notably, the study did not track legibility problems where a pharmacist was unable to read a prescription and called the physician to clarify. If it had, the incidence of errors in handwritten prescriptions may well have been much higher.

Medication errors can cause serious injuries. If a patient takes the incorrect medication, he faces the possibility of an adverse reaction or a dangerous interaction with his other medications.

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