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When Cleveland patients need surgery, they want everything to go well. It goes without saying that they are literally putting their lives in others’ hands, and that amount of trust should only come with sufficient education, experience and regulation. Sadly, there are many surgeons in Ohio and across the country who make serious surgical errors with an alarming frequency, according to a study by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. In fact, there appear to be more than 4,000 accidents made each year.

From that number, the study found that there were 9,744 cases of medical-malpractice judgments and out-of-court settlements recorded between 1990 and 2010. This means that there are a large percentage of surgical errors that are either not discovered or patients are unable to litigate them. Of those that made it to court, however, more than one-third of the surgical mistakes were fatal or caused permanent injury, while over half of the patients sustained some kind of temporary injury.

Many of these mistakes should never have been made. Surgery certainly comes with risks that not even the most experienced surgeon can prepare for, but when there are clear rules and regulations to prevent against simple mistakes, like leaving a sponge inside a patient or operating on the wrong body part, it is extremely negligent not to follow them. While it may be easier to skip certain hospital procedures to get a surgery done faster, even those simple mistakes will cause extremely serious injuries.

Tragically, many people in Ohio will be affected by surgical errors. Though the injuries can be life-threatening and very serious, there is some legal recourse available to injured patients. By working with a medical malpractice attorney, they may be able to hold negligent surgeons or hospitals liable for their pain, suffering and injuries.