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Knowing or discovering that your surgeon performed surgeries and tests you didn’t need just to make money would upset you, and if it happened to you, you should know that you can make a claim for medical malpractice. Your attorney has information on malpractice claims, but if you have the evidence to show that you went through unnecessary procedures, you could have the right to compensation. The people in this story may be in a similar situation as you.

A cardiologist in Westlake has been found guilty of charging patients for procedures that weren’t necessary. These unnecessary procedures were performed so the doctor could obtain additional insurance payouts, but the real issue is that patients have had unnecessary treatments, some of which could have been dangerous for them to be put through.

The Sept. 25 news report stated that the 56-year-old doctor had performed unnecessary stent insertions, tests, catheterizations and even allowed for unnecessary bypass surgeries to be performed on patient’s hearts just to be able to bill Medicare and other insurance companies.

After a four-week trial was completed, he was accused of and found guilty of 13 counts of false statements related to health-care matters, money laundering and health care fraud. For all the fraud committed, the surgeon could face up to 20 years in federal prison, but it’s not believed that he will receive the entire length of the sentence.

The surgeon has argued that the tests and surgeries he ordered were necessary based on his own discretion, but the court did not agree. On top of the fraud case, several of his former patients have stepped forward to file medical malpractice lawsuits against him.