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Imagine finding out that your surgeon has dealt with approximately 50 different medical malpractice lawsuits over the course of his or her career. For many people in Columbus, that would send a lot of people to new doctors. To have been sued for making that many surgical errors calls into question the surgeon’s ability to accurately and safely perform a surgical procedure, which could lead to a suspended medical license.

And for one doctor, that is exactly what happened. A neurosurgeon who apparently has gone beyond the planned surgery on more than one occasion is now dealing with his license being suspended in three states. It is unknown if he is licensed to practice anywhere else.

It is hard to imagine that a state would not do more to protect innocent patients when a doctor has such a long track record of making surgical errors. That it would take 50 lawsuits before he would finally have his license suspended seems odd, although it may be a matter of him being subject to medical malpractice lawsuits in a variety of different states.

Filing a lawsuit is only one way that an injured patient can hold his or her doctor accountable. While medical malpractice lawsuits can provide patients with the compensation they may need following a botched operation, it may not cause enough of a media sensation to warn other people about the risk associated with using that doctor. Only by filing a complaint with the state medical board can a more thorough investigation commence into whether a doctor is truly fit to practice medicine.