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Most surgeons are good at what they do and Cleveland patients should not have to worry when they need a medical procedure done. But when surgeons do make mistakes, they can make some serious mistakes; errors that can lead to long-term injuries, disability or even death. When patients are injured, they can work with a surgical error attorney to file a medical malpractice claim for their injuries.

With the large payouts that surgeons and hospitals have to make when settling a medical malpractice lawsuit, it would not be unreasonable to assume that the hospitals would have a financial incentive to reduce errors. Sadly, a new report has found that surgical errors actually make more money for hospitals. The reason, of course, is that when a surgeon creates a complication, the patient will need to stay longer and will need additional, billable care.

The study focused on 12 hospitals and 34,256 patients. Of those participating in the study, 1,820 had one or more surgical complication. The difference, on average, between the amount of money those that had surgical complication and those that didn’t is staggering: $49,400 for a complication and $18,900 for a normal surgery. Moreover, these figures are revenue, not just amount paid.

It would be terrible for hospitals not to train their surgeons to do better and reduce or eliminate errors just because they get more money. Although many hospitals are private enterprises or are otherwise budge conscious, it does not mean that Cleveland patients should be written off as necessary expenses. This is one of many reasons why it is so important to file medical malpractice claims to hold physicians and hospitals liable for their mistakes.