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If you’re going in for surgery and you express concern about mistakes to friends and family members, they’ll probably be quick to console you by noting that modern medicine is very safe and that many people in Ohio are not victimized by mistakes like wrong-site surgery. While this argument can be made, you may be more right about your concerns than they are willing to admit.

After all, there are about 4,000 surgical errors made on a yearly basis in the United States. These are all preventable errors, not complications that couldn’t have been avoided. They often spring from negligence.

In many of these cases, medical payouts are then made to those who have been injured, compensating them for pain and suffering, life-altering issues and much more. The annual level of these payouts is about $1.3 billion.

Researchers have found that foreign items are left inside those being operated on about 39 times each week. The wrong procedure is carried out about 20 times. Surgeons do the operation on the wrong location about 20 times. These are averages, but the frequency of them shows you just how much of a problem this can be.

This information should not scare you out of getting surgery, as it may be your best medical option. However, you do need to know that these common issues do occur, and you could run into serious problems as a result. If you do, you need to know what rights you have to compensation, especially if you are left with non-recoverable issues that will haunt you for life.