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A survey of physicians published recently in the medical journal Health Affairs indicates that doctors are not always truthful with their patients. The disturbing findings underscore how important it is for patients to educate themselves and ask as many questions of their physicians as possible.

Lisa Iezzoni and her colleagues interviewed nearly two thousand doctors across the country about how truthful they are with their patients about medical mistakes, prognoses, and other issues. The results were surprising:

  • Roughly 30 percent of those surveyed did not agree that they should share information about medical mistakes with their patients
  • Roughly 40 percent of those surveyed indicated that they do not share information with their patients about their financial relationships with pharmaceutical and medical device companies
  • Over 55 percent of physicians surveyed indicated that they often or sometimes describe a patient’s prognosis in a more positive light than the evidence supports

Doctors are, of course, human and they do make errors in judgment. This does not, however, mean that they do not have a responsibility to be truthful with their patients, particularly in situations where their advice may impact decisions about a proper course of treatment.

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