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By some estimates, errors by medical professionals cause approximately 200,000 deaths in the United States each year. And while doctors and hospitals have attempted to reduce the incidence of medical mistakes by changing procedures or introducing new processes, some have suggested that a tendency to over test patients may be to blame for many errors.

The notion that testing itself is responsible for medical errors is counterintuitive. Indeed, doctors order tests to ensure the accuracy of diagnoses and to make sure that patients are receiving the correct treatment. Each test, however, comes with its own risk and more – more testing, more procedures, more prescriptions – is not always better.

For example, CT scans and MRIs may lead to false positives, which can lead to unnecessary surgeries and procedures, which in turn can cause infections or bleeding. Similarly, an increased number of tests may cause doctors to prescribe a greater number of medications, which increases the risk of adverse drug interactions or allergic reactions.

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