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If you’ve gone to the doctor about a medical condition, you likely know that they have to respect your privacy as a patient under law. When a medical provider doesn’t protect your identity or personal information, you may be able to file a medical malpractice lawsuit, like this woman has. According to the news, the lawsuit claims that medical center employees actually posted this woman’s STD diagnosis online on Facebook, allowing others to “shame” her, an act that is both morally and legally unacceptable. This personal injury, although it isn’t physical, mentally stressed and harmed this woman, according to the news.

The June 5 report states that a woman from Cincinnati, Ohio, has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit seeking $25,000 in damages against the local University of Cincinnati Medical Center. She claims that an employee there posted her medical information online, indicating her diagnosis of syphilis, and that it caused her suffering in her life. The image was allegedly posted to the Facebook group, “Team No Hoes,” where she was repeatedly shamed and called a “hoe.”

The medical center employees allegedly leaked the information after the woman’s ex-boyfriend talked two of them into releasing the records. That is both a violation of federal and state laws, and that opens up the hospital to a number of lawsuits and huge fines. According to the news, the UC Medical Center hasn’t yet gotten a copy of the lawsuit, so it wasn’t able to respond to the accusations.

The lawsuit asks for monetary compensation, but it also reportedly asks the medical center to look into its procedures. By doing so, the lawsuit aims to make sure this kind of incident won’t happen to anyone else. The woman in this case has allegedly been chastised by the community, made fun of by former friends and hurt through cyber-bullying.