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If you’ve been treated for a medical condition in Ohio and suffered a personal injury due to a doctor’s negligence, you may be able to seek compensation like this woman did. According to a story from Feb. 21, a Jackson, Michigan, woman was awarded over $1 million for the personal injury she is suffering due to a doctor’s alleged negligence. The jury recently released its findings, granting her an award that should help her get the additional medical care and aid she needs.

The woman had allegedly gone under an elective abdominal surgery with liposuction in June 2009, but the operation didn’t go the way she had hoped. Instead of healing, she was left with drainage, clotting and other issues that just weren’t clearing up. She allegedly asked for a referral to see a doctor specializing in wound care, but her doctor didn’t give it to her. Soon afterwards, she went to the emergency room, where they admitted her for the treatment of a staph infection.

She now claims that the wound has never really healed completely and can reopen. She’s been arguing the fact that she lost her business due to her health. She has been mentally and physically ill since the incident. The once-in-good-health 43-year-old now may have something to make her feel somewhat better about her situation; the jury has awarded her $1.3 million.

The jury claims that $500,000 of the award is simply for pain, suffering, disfigurement and emotional stress. The financial impact and loss of her business was valued at $382,000. Then, the jury decided to give her another $430,000; that was for money the woman could have earned with her income through 2017, when she may have been expected to retire or move on to a new job.

In a little under six hours, the jury determined that the doctor had failed to meet the standard of care necessary in the woman’s case. Now, hopefully, she will continue to get the help she needs to recover. She claims she will have long-term medical issues for the foreseeable future.