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Cancer is one disease that many people suffer from each year, and most doctors have had some experience with it. When caught in the early stages, it can sometimes be eliminated from the body completely, giving the patient a solid chance of recovery and survival. When a doctor or team fails to identify cancer as a patient’s diagnosis, the cancer may spread, making it harder to eliminate at a later time. Sometimes, this misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose a problem can lead to a terminal illness.

The Ohio State University Medical Center has recently come under fire after a woman claimed that the team of doctors she worked with failed to identify cancer inside her body. According to a report from March 30, the woman claimed that she had undergone a CAT scan in 2004 to identify an issue with her pelvis. At the time, the images showed that she had a cancerous mass in her pelvis, but the radiologist reportedly did not detect the issue.

Because the woman’s condition hadn’t been identified, the cancer was left without treatment. In 2010, The Ohio State University Medical Center identified bone cancer in the woman’s body and performed surgery. At that point, she was released and not ordered to have follow-up treatments. With no prevention against the cancer returning, the woman claims the doctors allowed it to spread; she’s had to have several other cancer-related surgeries as a result.

The medical center hasn’t admitted its liability in the case, but it has decided to settle with the woman. The hospital settled for $800,000, and the case has been dismissed from court.