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Medical mistakes still kill 1,000 patients a day, Leapfrog says

Over time hospitals have made notable strides in increased patient safety. Yet, there is still an estimated 1,000 people a day that die from medical errors. Leapfrog created a Hospital Safety Grade to alert consumers to the hazards that come with putting your trust and personal health in the hands of a hospital. Many people turn to hospitals for personal injury or general medical treatment. This guide is there to help them choose the safest option.

There are more than 2,600 hospitals nationwide and 63 of them have achieved an “A” in every scoring update. Would you like to know the five states with the highest percentage of A hospitals? Would you like to know the hospitals that have a “D” and yes, an “F” rating is located?

Take a moment to review this report and save it for future reference. You will be glad you did and it may save you or a loved one’s life.

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