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Testimonials for The Lancione Law Firm

Real reviews of our Ohio law firm by our clients

We believe you can tell a lot about a law firm by what people say about them. That’s why we’re proud of the positive reviews we regularly receive from the people we work with. What our clients say about The Lancione Law Firm matters.

Each testimonial represents months or even years of hard work on behalf of injury victims and their families in Ohio and nationwide. That’s because we only handle cases involving a birth injury or medical malpractice, which often involve some of the most complicated legal issues.

We take our testimonials seriously. That’s because we never take our clients for granted. When you have our legal team on your side, we always put your family’s best interests first. That’s why we carefully investigate every case and create a strategy that addresses your unique legal needs.

Our detail-oriented approach produces positive results. That’s why our law firm has such a well-earned reputation for getting the job done right. We know that the work we do can make a dramatic difference in people’s lives – including yours. We’re here to help you get the support your family deserves so you can live your lives with dignity and respect.

Another reason why our law firm stands out – our accessibility for our clients. If you need to reach attorney Lancione at any time, you can call him directly on his cellphone. You’re more than just a client at The Lancione Law Firm, LLC. You’re our priority. We’re available on your terms.

Discover what we can do for you. Contact us and schedule a free consultation at our law firm near Cleveland. Attorney Lancione can personally answer any questions you have and explain the legal options available to you. You can reach us online or call (440) 331-6100 or (877) 515-4369 to speak with attorney Lancione.

Real reviews from real people

“I was very happy with the result of my case. Mr. Lancione was very professional and very caring. He was able to find the answers I needed after the death of my daughter. I needed to know the truth and he has the experience and the expertise to get to the truth. I would strongly recommend this law firm.”

— Satisfied Client

“I have so much heartfelt gratitude for The Lancione Law Firm. John Lancione is nothing short of knowledgeable, readily accessible, and honest. Not only was his team professional and capable, but they were also genuine and compassionate. It was difficult reliving the facts of my daughter’s case, but I was able to see how diligently John worked on her behalf. His experience was invaluable at the critical moments, and we were fortunate to have this team representing us. While the circumstances of our case will always be hapless and emotionally tragic, John skillfully guided us through the process and led us to a satisfying outcome which affords my daughter with the ongoing care she needs and me with the peace that I was seeking.”

— Crystal Rinker

“John Lancione is an upstanding person. He has incredible passion for what he does and infinite knowledge of law. John and his team are personable and professional. My daughter was born with severe medical complications due to negligence, and the first time I contacted John’s law firm, I spoke directly with him. Within the next few days, John traveled to my home where we went over the details of my case. He was forthright and reviewed my case diligently. John and his firm were always reachable and got back to me quickly with any information. Although, this was a difficult time for my family, John made it positive. Whenever we would speak of my daughter, or when he would call just to see how she was doing, he always used her name. As small as that sounds, it is true to the type of person that he is. He always made me feel as though my daughter were more than just another case number; and that she is a human being. Incredible person!! I highly recommend him to anyone!!!!!!!!

— Amanda Green

“I have handled malpractice cases for more than 40 years on both sides and know John well having been a mediator in a couple of his birth injury malpractice cases. John is one of the best medical malpractice lawyers in the state. His abilities are at the top whether in birth injury or any serious injury or wrongful death malpractice case.

— J.A.|OH

“My son was born under extreme medical complications due to the negligence of a hospital. I contacted Mr. Lancione in regard to my son’s medical issues and his future needs due to him being diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Mr. Lancione addressed the situation in a very compassionate, caring, and concerned manner, making sure my son would have everything he needs both now and in the future. Mr. Lancione did not treat us like a paycheck. He treated us like family and has from the beginning looked out for the best interest of my son. My son and I will always be grateful for everything he has done. Mr. Lancione is an outstanding attorney and I would recommend him for any medical malpractice case.

— Patricia Watters

“After looking for law firms that could assist with our birth injury law suit, John Lancione was the only lawyer we believed that could truly help.  Upon speaking with other attorneys they even mentioned him!  John took care of our family and our concerns from day one.  He is very knowledgeable and highly regarded by others when I asked.  John handled our case with professionalism and steadfast care, that made all the difference in the result.  He treated us like family and fought for us like family.  The future of our child was unknown and The Lancione Law Firm changed that.  We are forever grateful for the outstanding service and results we received.”

— Rita Scott

“John Lancione and The Lancione Law Firm are the best.  They take the time to listen to your situation, discuss what all the options are and the course of action.  John talks with you person-to-person and listens.  If you need a lawyer to help you with your injury, John is the best.  He is very well educated in injury law, and has know the questions to ask to prove negligence.  He knows how to get results and he does!  I highly recommend John Lancione and The Lancione Law Firm.”

— Christine “Chriss” David

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