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When a child is born, it is one of the most joyous events of one’s lifetime. However, preventable medical errors can be made by medical professionals which cause birth injuries such as irreversible brain damage, including cerebral palsy. Birth injuries can affect children and their families for the rest of their life.  The consequences of birth injuries create severe emotional, medical, and financial hardship for the entire family.

If your child has been affected by a birth injury caused by medical negligence, you need to contact John Lancione, Esq. who has over 30 years of experience representing children and families.

For over 80 years, the attorneys at The Lancione Law Firm have a legacy of fighting for families across the Nation and the State of Ohio and are responsible for obtaining countless multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements involving birth injury and medical malpractice litigation.   Call toll free 877-515-4369 for a free consultation.

The Trauma May be Clear but the Case Is Rarely Easy To Prove.

Birth injuries caused by medical professionals are usually preventable.  Frequently, the medical negligence can cause irreversible harm to infants.  These injuries will impact the rest of the lives of the children involved, creating medical, emotional, and financial hardships for their families. Birth injury cases are extremely complex and difficult to prove which is why you should call John Lancione. He is and expert at identifying and litigating all types of preventable birth injuries including:


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