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Many pregnant women experience a difficult delivery or labor, known as dystocia. The majority of women who have children experience dystocia at some point during labor or delivery, according to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). This is why dystocia is considered a risk factor that often results in serious birth injuries.

Worst of all, many birth injuries due to dystocia could have been prevented. That’s because mistakes made by medical professionals and other types of negligence are often to blame for such injuries to infants or their mothers.

When this happens, it’s critical that injury victims and their families fully understand their legal rights. Otherwise, they could end up having to pay for their medical expenses out of their own pocket. That’s why you need The Lancione Law Firm on your side.

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Cleveland birth injury lawyer John A. Lancione has decades of experience handling such complex legal cases in Ohio and nationwide. He has a well-earned national reputation based on his skillful handling of birth injury claims. That’s why other attorneys regularly refer cases to our law firm. They know our legal team has the knowledge and the skills to deliver results when they matter.

Since our firm was founded, we have obtained more than $350 million for our clients in financial settlements and verdicts. The key to our success is our detailed, hands-on approach to every case. We never take anything for granted. We take the time to find important evidence, then develop a legal strategy based on your unique circumstances.

We work this way because we realize that no two cases are ever exactly the same. And if you ever have a question about your case, you can call attorney Lancione directly on his personal cellphone at any time. We do things different at The Lancione Law Firm. We always put your best interests first.

What is dystocia?

Dystocia is a medical term that refers to difficult or abnormal delivery or labor. Risk factors for dystocia include:

  • Delayed delivery, especially in cases involving medical professionals who fail to take action in response to medical emergencies.
  • Prolonged labor, which is any labor that takes longer than normal.
  • Obstructed labor, in which the baby has trouble exiting the mother due to an obstruction or anything blocking the baby’s path.
  • Fetal distress, which often involves the oxygen supply being cut off to the fetus during labor or delivery.

Many different things can go wrong during a woman’s delivery or labor. This is why obstetricians and other medical professionals undergo years of rigorous training – so they know exactly how to respond in such situations. Even so, medical errors often occur, resulting in birth injuries.

What are common injuries?

There are many different types of birth injuries that occur due to dystocia. Such injuries include:

  • Shoulder dystocia, a type of shoulder injury in which the baby’s shoulders become trapped inside the mother’s pelvis during labor, preventing the baby from exiting the mother’s womb.
  • Brain injuries to the infant due to lack of oxygen during labor or the baby’s delivery.
  • Fetal infections due to a prolonged or difficult labor.
  • Broken bones or fractures due to extreme force or stress placed on the infant’s bones during labor or delivery.
  • Uterine rupture in the mother, which involves a tear in the uterus.

Whatever type of birth injury you’re dealing with, it’s important that you take steps right away to protect your legal rights. This is why you need to meet with Cleveland birth injury lawyer John A. Lancione as soon as possible.

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When you have our legal team on your side, you get to decide what happens next. Instead of medical professionals, insurance companies or their attorneys telling you what to do, you can make sure that your infant’s injury receives the attention it deserves.

Many healthcare professionals and lawyers agree to negotiate in good faith once they see you have a knowledgeable legal team on your side. If not, we will not hesitate to file a birth injury lawsuit on your behalf and pursue justice for you in a court of law. Attorney Lancione has years of courtroom experience and knows how the legal system works when it comes to birth injury cases.

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