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Macrosomia and Birth Injuries

Ohio birth injury attorney explains fetal risk factors of fetal macrosomia

Larger than normal infants might not seem like a big problem. But when an unborn baby is significantly larger than normal, a medical condition known as macrosomia, serious birth injuries can occur either during pregnancy or delivery. That’s why larger than normal babies are considered a serious fetal risk factor.

An estimated 6 to 10 percent of infants have macrosomia, according to a medical study published by the National Center for Biological Information (NCBI). This is why experienced obstetricians know what to look for and carefully monitor the size of the fetus during a woman’s pregnancy.

Unfortunately, some doctors miss the warning signs and don’t take the necessary steps to protect the health of the baby and the mother. When that happens, the at-fault healthcare professional needs to be held accountable for their actions.

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What is macrosomia?

Medical professionals define macrosomia as any fetus or newborn infant who weighs more than 4 kilograms or 8.8 pounds. A fetus that weighs more than 8.8 pounds is described as being “large for gestational age” (LGA). There are three different types of macrosomia based on the size of the infant. The three different types or grades of macrosomia are:

  • Macrosomia Grade 1 – 4,000 – 4,499 grams (8.8 to 9.9 pounds)
  • Macrosomia Grade 2 – 4,500 – 4,999 grams (9.9 to 11 pounds)
  • Macrosomia Grade 3 – Over 5,000 grams (over 11 pounds)

Doctors need to closely monitor the size of the fetus during pregnancy in order to avoid preventable birth injuries.

What birth injuries are caused by macrosomia?

Fetal macrosomia is associated with many serious birth injuries during pregnancy or s delivery. Such birth injuries include:

In each case, a thorough investigation needs to be conducted to determine what happened. That way, negligent medical professionals can be held accountable if they made a mistake that resulted in a serious birth injury.

What are common causes?

Infants are large for their age for many different reasons. Some of the most common causes of macrosomia include:

  • Pregnant women with a history of diabetes.
  • Gestational diabetes, a form of diabetes that only affects pregnant women.
  • Pregnant women over 35 years old.
  • Women with a history of macrosomia in their families.

These are just some of the maternal risk factors and reasons why infants develop fetal macrosomia.

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Ohio birth injury attorney John A. Lancione knows exactly what to do in such situations. As your lawyer, he will get right to work gathering evidence in support of your injury claim. He knows how to analyze medical records. Our law firm also frequently consults with medical experts for a more in-depth analysis. We leave no stone unturned in pursuit of justice.

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