Umbilical Cord Prolapse

Doctors Should Recognize And Prevent Umbilical Cord Prolapse

When a doctor follows the normal standard of care, they can detect and prevent umbilical cord prolapse before it becomes serious. However, if the doctor deviates from the standard of care, umbilical cord prolapse can permanently injure or even kill an infant.

No one’s child should have to suffer because of umbilical cord prolapse, especially if medical malpractice contributed to the injury. The lawyers at The Lancione Law Firm have an 80-year legacy of helping people in Ohio seek justice for birth injuries caused by malpractice. We will uphold your rights, hold the person who harmed you accountable for their actions and seek maximum financial compensation.

Understanding Umbilical Cord Prolapse

One of the most dangerous complications in labor and delivery that pregnant women face is umbilical cord prolapse. Also called cord compression, this injury occurs when the umbilical cord enters the cervix and vagina before the baby’s head, becoming compressed and preventing the flow of oxygen and blood to the baby. For infants, this can cause:

  • Brain damage
  • Heart problems
  • Neck injuries
  • Stillbirth

Injuries from umbilical cord prolapse are particularly infuriating because cord compression is fairly easy for nurses and doctors to detect. Negligence is often why medical staff fail to diagnose it.

Decades Of Experience Fighting Birth Injury Negligence

Proving the presence of negligence in umbilical cord-related injuries is not easy. It takes attorneys who understand how to investigate evidence and prove deviation from the standard of care. Fortunately, the lawyers at The Lancione Law Firm have done this for decades. They have medical training and have achieved numerous settlements and court verdicts in the millions of dollars.

Hold Negligent Doctors Accountable For Umbilical Cord Prolapse

If you or your baby suffered harm due to an umbilical cord-related injury, The Lancione Law Firm can assist you. Schedule an initial consultation at our office in Cleveland to speak to a caring attorney. You can call 440-571-6862 or send us an email.

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