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Lack of oxygen during a woman’s pregnancy or the baby’s delivery can have serious consequences for a newborn infant. Many birth injuries occur due to diminished oxygen supply, a medical condition often referred to as hypoxia.

But what many people might not realize is many birth injuries due to oxygen deprivation can be prevented. That’s because such injuries often occur due to mistakes made by medical professionals, which in legal terms is considered negligence.

Proving that medical negligence caused your infant’s hypoxic-anoxic injury (also known as HAI) due to lack of oxygen might sound straightforward. In reality, such legal cases can often be very complicated for many different reasons, including healthcare professionals denying they did anything wrong. That’s why our legal team wants to help you.

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For more than three decades, Cleveland birth injury lawyer John A. Lancione has been fighting for the rights of birth injury victims in Ohio and across the country. Attorney Lancione and his talented legal team at The Lancione Law Firm only handle birth injury and medical negligence cases. As a result, we have an in-depth understanding of how the legal system works when it comes to birth injury claims.

We take a personalized approach to every case we handle. You’ll notice the difference the first time you meet with attorney Lancione. He will personally meet with you and take the time to listen to you explain exactly what happened. He will then outline the different legal options available to you. And if you ever have a question about your case, you can contact John directly on his personal cellphone at any time.

Our hands-on approach consistently produces results. Since our law firm was founded, we have recovered more than $350 million and counting for our clients, including one of Ohio’s largest malpractice verdicts. Case results matter here – and so do you.

What are hypoxia and anoxia?

Hypoxia and anoxia are medical terms used to describe lack of oxygen. Hypoxia refers to a partial lack of oxygen. Anoxia refers to the total lack of oxygen.

In either situation, permanent harm can be caused by reduced oxygen flow, particularly when it comes to infants during pregnancy, labor or delivery. In particular, brain injuries and other types of brain damage often associated with developmental delays frequently occur due to lack of oxygen.

Diminished oxygen supply can also cause organ damage or organ failure in infants. And in extreme circumstances, stillbirth or infant death can occur due to anoxia and prolonged periods where the oxygen supply to the fetus is blocked, stopped or disrupted.

What causes hypoxia and anoxia?

There are many reasons why hypoxic-anoxic injuries to infants occur due to medical negligence. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Anesthesia errors during a woman’s labor or delivery.
  • Medication errors during a woman’s pregnancy, labor or delivery.
  • Umbilical Cord Prolapse, in which the oxygen and blood flow from the mother to the fetus is reduced or completely blocked.
  • Abnormal fetal position, especially during labor or the baby’s delivery.

Whatever the cause of your baby’s hypoxic-anoxic injury, make sure you fully understand the legal options available to your family. Make sure you talk to Ohio birth injury lawyer John A. Lancione.

Oxygen deprivation can be incredibly dangerous

Many children sustain serious birth injuries and life-threatening medical conditions due to oxygen deprivation during pregnancy. If the oxygen supply is reduced or cut off for just a few minutes, the baby can sustain a serious injury that affects them for the rest of their life.

As explained above, brain injuries and organ failure often occur due to oxygen deprivation during pregnancy. In just 3 to 4 minutes, for example, brain cells start to die due to oxygen deprivation. Necrosis (death of healthy tissues in the body) also occurs quickly.

This is why doctors and other medical professionals need to carefully monitor a baby’s heart rate and blood pressure during pregnancy. Otherwise, a life-threatening birth injury can quickly develop due to oxygen deprivation.

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Attorney Lancione can with you to gather evidence in support of your birth injury claim. He knows how to analyze medical records in search of irregularities. He also frequently consults with medical experts for a more in-depth analysis of exactly what went wrong.

Many medical professionals and their lawyers negotiate in good faith and make a fair settlement offer once they see we’re serious about your case. If not, we will not hesitate to file a birth injury lawsuit on your behalf or take other legal action in court seeking damages, a legal term for financial compensation.

Learn more about your legal rights. Contact The Lancione Law Firm and schedule a free consultation at our Rocky River, Ohio office today. You can reach us online or call (440) 331-6100 or (877) 515-4369 to speak directly with Ohio birth injury attorney John A. Lancione.

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