Columbus Hospital Ordered to Pay $5.25 Million for Birth Injury

by | Jul 11, 2013 | Birth Injury, Firm News |

A little over seven years ago, a woman went to Ohio State University’s
Wexner Medical Center in Columbus ready to give birth to her son. Her
labor had just started and she was likely excited about the prospect of
giving birth to a son, but that excitement likely turned to pain after
she learned that the obstetrician and hospital’s negligence caused
a birth injury by oxygen deprivation. She now must cope with her son’s
“profound brain injury.”

In an effort to care for her son and defray the costs of caring for his
special needs, the boy’s mother and father filed a medical malpractice
lawsuit against the hospital and doctor. According to the lawsuit, the
doctor should have been paying closer attention to the mother and should
have started her cesarean section much earlier.

There was also testimony that the doctor had used Pitocin in the delivery
of the child, which actually speeds up a woman’s contractions. What
this did was actually reduce how much oxygen and blood was getting to
the baby, and contributed to the child’s brain injury.

Fortunately for the parents of this 7-year-old, they won their medical
malpractice case. Since the boy needs 24-hour care, the $5.25 million
award can be used to cover the costs of health care aides, the boy’s
future medical costs and be used for his care if he outlives his parents.
This family’s medical malpractice award was the second-largest award
in the Ohio State University hospital’s history, the largest being
$7.3 million.


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