Seek Compensation If Negligence Led to Birth Injuries

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Birth Injury, Firm News |

Deciding to have a baby is an important decision in your life. You may
have had to seek assistance in doing so or knew you had health conditions
that you’d have to monitor carefully during your pregnancy. The
joy of bringing a healthy child into life after these trials can be immense,
but if your child is hurt or you suffer an injury due to medical negligence,
then you deserve answers and compensation to help.

Prenatal care is sought by pregnant women because of its many benefits.
Prenatal vitamins, for instance, make sure children and mothers get the
vitamins and minerals needed during this vital stage of development. Unfortunately,
some primary physicians or OB-GYNs make mistakes during this time, and
that can put the mother and fetus in danger.

There are several kinds of prenatal care errors that can happen. Failing
to treat hypertension is one of them. High blood pressure is incredibly
dangerous for mothers, and it can lead to emergencies during labor. It
can put a mother at risk of death and a child at risk of numerous side effects.

A failure to order regular fetal ultrasounds also puts babies in danger.
It’s important to monitor a fetus’s size and weight throughout
a pregnancy to make sure it is growing appropriately. On top of that,
if a child has grown too large, the mother may wish to speak with the
OB-GYN about a possible C-section to prevent injury during labor.

Recognizing dangerous conditions like preeclamsia and placental abruption
is also part of your primary care and OB-GYN’s jobs. Missing these
diagnoses can put your life, and your unborn child’s life, at risk.


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