When Inducing Labor Leads to Birth Injuries

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Pitocin is a drug used to induce labor and delivery and is used primarily
in cases of stalled labor resulting in fetal distress. As such, pitocin
is a valuable tool for speeding up labor and preventing harm to babies
and mothers undergoing a difficult labor.

Unfortunately, pitocin therapy and other labor-inducing techniques can
be misapplied. The negligent administration of pitocin to a mother having
adequate contractions — or the failure to stop the administration
of pitocin if there is evidence of increased fetal distress — can
result in serious, lifelong birth injury.

Pitocin can also cause uterine hyperstimulation and even uterine rupture,
particularly in mothers undergoing VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean
section). The administration of pitocin to mothers at high risk of complication
is a common error in inducing labor.

What Causes Errors In Inducing Labor?

Ultimately, most errors in inducing labor come down to failure to appropriately
monitor or respond to changes in fetal condition. Childbirth is always
a high-risk situation. Doctors and nurses should be on high alert to every
subtle symptom of a developing complication. When these symptoms are ignored,
no matter how subtle they may be, and an error in inducing labor causes
injury or loss of life, medical malpractice may have occurred.

While not every negative outcome in an induced labor is the result of medical
error, it is safe to say that if your child suffered a serious birth injury
following complications arising out of the use of pitocin to induce labor,
your best interests may be served by consulting an experienced medical
malpractice and birth injury lawyer.

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